Principles of success in basketball

In last articles, we considered recommendations and separate exercises for will power training. Today we will continue, and I will tell you about the interesting program. It is called “21 steps”. Everyone who though once tried “to start life with a clean slate”, knows how it is difficult to make it. To give up smoking, to begin running since morning, to cease to play at the night’s online games, the list can be continued indefinitely, after all there are so many things, to refuse from which extremely difficult.

Program essence in definition of a time interval in which you have to “begin to live in a new way”. For example: You refuse computer games for only three weeks, after all it is a little, you see, where it is more terrible to refuse once and for all.

Now it will be much simpler to begin. You for certain reflected, from where there was figure 21 and term of 3 weeks? Here everything is simple, so much time is required on development by the person of a certain habit. After passes three-week term, attempt can be repeated. It will demand where smaller strong-willed efforts.

Probably, it is worth specifying that 3 weeks after all a conditional timeline, each person it is individual. For fidelity, can set to yourself a level in 28 or even 30 calendar days. And here it is not recommended to put term of more than a month, it will become many times more difficult to work on itself.

I will give some responses from direct participants of the 21 steps program as an effective example. By the way, huge to them thanks, that authorized the publication of their names.

Alex Ropney:

Hi all! Yesterday there was my 21 day to success! I am engaged in basketball. Upon termination of session decided to start everything anew. For three weeks I visit on 3-4 times a gym and time on six platform. Even got the special diary in which I write down everything. It was difficult the first seven days, but now I cannot present myself without occupations. The equipment improved, but slowly that you will not tell about food, I began a thicket to eat owing to what gained 8 kilograms. But the most important – I began to feel happy!

I have 28 day to success today! With the same eagerness, I visit a platform and a gym. For last 4 weeks, I do a squat with 80 kilogram bar, and could only 50 kg earlier! The most surprising that exercise is carried out not easy, but feet ceased to feel fatigue. I go to the hall with the friend who drinks creatine and a protein while I eat only a natural product. At everything thus, on all power indicators I overtake it, and after all we with it one build. In a word, I was accepted to a healthy lifestyle! Now I do, but I do not speak!

Kyle Piteren:

Let me use the program only 12 days, but results are available. I am engaged together with the friend who quicker, is higher and stronger than me. But after ten days of use of the 21 steps program I gained weight and I run practically with it on an equal basis, and after all in a stock I have practical whole month. Very much I hope that in September, I will achieve big results. I understand that without the aid of the 21 steps program of group: “Basketball: workout+psychology=success”, period.