Practical stamina workout advice

running manIn past article, I told you about the basic principles of will power, made some recommendations about its development. Today we will pass to a practical training, without what the theory loses any meaning. So, we will begin, exercises which will help you to train the will power are given below:

  1. Try to observe the will power. It’s a go? Get accustomed to reaction to emergence of sudden difficulties. Look, what you undertake at unexpectedly arisen difficulty? Whether there is “taste” from process of overcoming of the arisen difficulty, or only the ultimate goal is interesting to you, and tension brings into despondency? Be trained, it is very interesting.
  2. We will alter former exercise a little. Observe manifestation of own lack of will. Find system in own self-deception, eluding from overcoming of the arisen difficulties. Try to understand the nature of such lack of will. What to you prevents to complete important issues why you evade from their performance? To experience a basis of such laziness.
  3. Try to get used to mental commission of efforts so-called “rigid type”. Force themselves to carry out exercises of “strong-willed muscles”. Overcome the negative relations and fear, carry out these most strong-willed efforts, change installation. Make it in the thoughts several times in the course of the day, carry out brightly, with the maximum reliability, try to crack a laziness dominant.
  4. Combine real actions with strong-willed gymnastics of “rigid type”. Start running in the mornings, force to carry out yourself necessary, but not the most pleasant things. Having appeared in the weakened state, openly and directly parry on unfair charges, experience yourself on fear, physical activity, intellectual exhaustion, hunger. The principle of “super effort” has to become your motto, pleasure and a habit for self-improvement!
  5. You do not know that to undertake in a situation when the condition of laziness and inertness is stronger than will. First of all, learn to watch the occurring situation from outside. It is really important. Take the first step to inertness resistance, simply observe a condition of laziness from consciousness. Believe, such observer is not subject to laziness. Break in yourself a habit to be weakened, work on itself has to become your predominating task!
  6. Learn to prolong the concentrated attention during strong-willed gymnastics of “rigid type”. Train in this direction by the following methods: concentrate on actions, subjects, processes of breath and walking, opposition to fear and pain. The basis of will is made by the attention which is giving in to concentration.
  7. Connect the main motives to manifestation of will, thus remain complete in the desires. Imagine that each motive, each desire is the personality, let and small, everyone with the will power. If these little persons are not in harmony with each other, then the big personality (YOU), will work like a rope doll which pull threads that in one, in other party. Find harmony, be uniform and complete in strong-willed actions and decisions.
  8. In case of a stressful situation learn to keep a steady equilibrium state and clear consciousness. If the stressful situation managed to unsettle you, learn instant return and a raising of a former state to the greatest possible height of force and working capacity. Surround yourself with awareness of personal invulnerability and internal completeness. Try to consider each sudden situation as the excellent exercise machine of will power and at you everything will turn out. Accept danger openly, you should not contract at collision with it.

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