Directions in psychological training of the basketball player

basketball psychology

Hello, friends!

Today we will talk about 3 main directions in psychological training of the basketball player.

So, if you seriously decided to work on yourself, to you not to do without psychological preparation. And that training was effective, it is necessary to understand, in what directions it is necessary to work.

For convenience of perception I represented these directions graphically.

And now small explanations.

Emotions – it that often prevents the athlete to show worthy result. For work with regulation of emotions there is a set the psych technician, and we surely still will talk about them.

The logic is used often to affect an emotional state to or after competitions, and sometimes and during them.

For example: “I am perfectly prepared! Therefore, I have to win (to hammer that of points)”. Usually it almost does not influence an emotional background of the basketball player.

And all because emotions badly give in to logical influence. But also, there are special exercises which are capable to help the athlete.

Uncertainty of the athlete is always reflected in his actions.

It is often expressed in basketball that the athlete is afraid to take the lead. For example, does not attack itself, being afraid to miss on a ring and gives transfer to the partner. Or is afraid to go to pass, attacking from a distance. Uncertainty manifestations – a set.

And from the point of view of ACTIONS the recommendation is very simple:


  • Are afraid to shoot basketball – just shoot it!
  • Are afraid to climb in offense – go!
  • Certainly, you have to do it not thoughtlessly, and according to a situation.

At first will be very hard psychologically. You will be upset when it does not turn out. But each successful attempt will bring you into extraordinary delight and will motivate to work on itself further!

Personally, I witnessed more than once how the athlete started fighting against the fear and very quickly “began to enjoy” and started doing actively what earlier for some reason to do was afraid. Certainly, for strengthening of effect it is necessary to use all these 3 composed psychological training of athletes. Today we considered only one of the directions. In the subsequent releases, we will talk about two others.